Tips for real estate sellers

Tips for real estate sellers

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Selling a property is not easy. Owners need to know the purchase prices of the region and thus estimate a realistic value for their property. After numerous inspections, the next traps lurk in the sales contract. We have compiled the most important tips for property sellers for you here. These range from the compilation of documents, to the placement of advertisements, to legal tips.You want to sell your condo or a house? Then you want to do this at the best possible price, also in a reasonable time frame. But this only works with good preparation. The necessary documents (from the energy certificate to the land register excerpt) should be complete, because these are important for the property advertisement, as well as the inspection.If you want to make the sale through an agent as a real estate salesman, he also needs information. For the purchase price, purchase price statistics or an expert opinion will help you. The exposé on the other hand is quickly published. You only need information again when you sign the purchase contract.

How to sell your property in 3 easy steps

  1. Step: Put together documents for you

You need all important documents before the property is offered. This includes the energy certificate, the floor plan, photos and the building insurance certificate. If you offer a condominium, you still need the minutes of the owners‘ meetings and declaration of partition.Energy Performance CertificateThe legislator stipulates that an energy certificate is required as soon as a house or apartment is to be sold. This is important for customers to be able to evaluate the building from an energy point of view, because the corresponding values are noted on it. Thus, the expected heating costs can be roughly estimated by the potential buyer. The seller needs either a consumption or a demand certificate, depending on the year of construction and size of the property.Floor plan and photoThe real estate exposé provides the potential buyer with all important data, which should be as exact as possible and include a detailed description. But often pictures and floor plan decide a purchase decision. For the first impression of the prospective customer photos are important and the floor plan shows the room layout.Extract from the land registerThe ownership structure is recorded in the land register. This records who the actual owner of a property is. It also lists rights such as rights of way that run on the property. Therefore a seller should always have the land register at hand.sales priceIf the price is too low, the property will sell quickly, but you will make a loss. If the price is set too high, this often prevents the purchase. Therefore you should first determine as realistic a value as possible by comparing it with similar offers. So you could at least determine the order of magnitude for the possible selling price. If you work with an estate agent, real estate salesman or surveyor, you could rely on their experience.If you work with an estate agent, real estate salesman or surveyor, you could rely on their experience. The market is observed by interested parties over a long period of time and they notice this. If you want to make a bargain, you wait for an ever lower price and if in doubt you will not buy the object. This is also important for the property seller.

A bidding process is worthwhile in some cases, but not always.

  1. Step: Switch display

It depends on many factors whether a property should be marketed by yourself or an estate agent should be engaged. The estate agent has a good overview of the market and makes the owner’s job easier by taking over viewing and marketing. If you offer the property yourself, the broker’s commission is saved, but also the knowledge of a professional.Increase your success for your real estate adThere are many channels to market a property, but the best one is online, because the possibilities to present the property comprehensively is great and important for the property seller. However, the online market is already flooded, so your exposé should stand out from the crowd. This requires really meaningful pictures and a description, which are detailed and search engine optimized.

  1. Step: Now it’s time to sell

When the first viewing appointments are made, the property must speak for itself, the first impression counts and is important for the property seller. This means tidying up, airing and a self-confident, friendly salesperson who is well prepared. If you have all the documents at hand, they will answer all relevant questions and will not conceal any hidden defects.A purchase contract is concluded at the notary. Insist on a confirmation of financing or proof of capital from the buyer. After conclusion of the contract, the financial aspects are regulated in the form of a notice of conveyance in the land register. Payment is then made.

Finally: The move

When the sale is completed, crates are packed and moved. There is also a lot to organize here: boxes, helpers, no parking signs. If you do not want to do this yourself, you can hire a moving company and arrive at your new home relaxed.

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