Liz Katz   geilste Gamerin  Welt

Liz Katz: Die geilste Gamerin der Welt


Diese Frau beweist, dass auch Gamerinnen und Nerds brandheiß und sexy sein können. Schaut euch bloß einmal die Bilder von Liz Katz an. Würdet ihr euch nicht auch gerne einmal von einer so heißen Superschurkin entführen, oder einer sexy Superheldin retten lassen? Viel Spaß! Ello to everyone that’s new here!  I’m Liz, yes I was born with the last name Katz.  I was raised in NJ but live across the country in LA. I love anime, manga, art, video games, sour candy, and everything else that’s awesome.  I don’t like team sports, cars, tax season, cottage cheese or conservative fashion.  I started loosely cosplaying in high school but didn’t pursue doing it professionally until 2012.  I take a lot of non cosplay “selfies” as well because I am beyond just a cosplayer a person (or so I’m told). I love makeup but usually don’t take the time to put it on and just go without much.  My son is my world but I don’t post about him on here since it’s not really a safe place for kids.  I’m older than I look (or act). I went to my first con when I was a grade schooler with my dad to play in a Magic the Gathering tournament (after that it was mostly computer shows and miniature war gaming cons)  So now that you know a tiny bit about me, why don’t you tell me a bit about you now?

 Trying to will my eyes wide open and stay awake to finish some edits... failing miserably   No sleep, no comb, no makeup, no problem!  I was so proud I finally fell asleep at a decent time last night (11pm) but of course by 2:45 am I sprung awake and couldn’t get back down until 5:30 am.  Anyone else  tormented by their own internal clock?
   Threw the @reevzfx Black Cat mask onto Harley Quinn just cuz it felt more Halloween like.
 So I have a bit of a cold but still couldn’t resist throwing Nami together for Wondercon day 3!  FYI hair chalks and hotel bathrooms do not mix! Photo by @avedphotog
Wondercon 2018, Day 03
 I Tried doing a cosplay change as Misty but got so sick and cold that I had to run back to my room for a rest.  I’ll be back out tomorrow as Nami (she has long pants!!! Yay!!!) Should I shoot Misty once it warms up?   
 Beautiful but with no substance.
I'm talking about Star Wars Battlefront 2 of course. I did a new paint job on my old Slave Leia cosplay, what do you think?  Bonus (Video): Haven’t posted any dance-ish videos in a while.  So at the request of many... here you go.  Sort of.



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