Milica Mrdjan   heißeste Bikinimodel  Welt

Milica Mrdjan: Das heißeste Bikinimodel der Welt


Jeder weiß, Models sind sexy. Aber wie sieht es mit professionellen Bikinimodels aus? Für uns ganz klar die Königsdisziplin! Die Serbin Milica Mrdjan ist WBFF Pro in der Kategorie Bikini! Ihr durchtrainierter Körper und die scharfen Kurven sind der Wahnsinn! Viel Spaß! 

 🍑💫✨Y ou see a booty. I see hard work! 💪🏼💪🏼🍀🌴
ITS ALWAYS ABOUT PERSPECTIVE ;)  “you are not who you are when you are above the water. you are who you are when you crawl back to the ocean, and you remember what it felt like when you saw the sky.”  
 You can’t rush something , you want to last forever!
  Stop managing your time. Start managing your focus. !!!
Leg days on fire!🍑
Many people believe that multitasking is the only way to successfully stay on track with their schedules and embrace this approach in their work. But in its core, the only thing that happens when people are multitasking is to switch their focus from one task to another.
By focusing on one thing at a time, you are able to concentrate deeply on the task, to think more creatively about the solution and to complete it faster than usual. It increases productivity and brings better results much quicker than multitasking. The more focused you are, the more productive and fruitful your work will be.
How to be focused on one thing at the time
1. Identify any distraction in your surroundings; then, remove it
2. Train your willpower muscle
3. Meditation daily, spending time by yourself focusing on what to do next and learn how to improve (reminding yourself daily what’s the goal)
4.learn to say “no” more often to clear up your time,and have deadline.
One thing a the time and do it right !
What is your goal for next 6-8weeks? Are you moving forward ?
 You can’t  rush something you want to last forever💫
 Waiting for summer like 💃


Bikini Models auf dem Laufsteg

Milica Mrdjan macht natürlich auch auf dem Laufsteg eine gute Figur! Generell gibt es eine Vielzahl an Bikini Models, die bevorzugt auf den großen Laufstegen der Welt laufen. Die bekanntesten sind wohl:

  • IVY Swimwear Fashion Show SS2020 Miami Swim
  • New York Fashion Week
  • Sport’s Illustrated Runway-Show

When resolution is that good ,so you can zoom in that bikini 🤗

 Have you ever been so excited before going to bed that you couldn’t actually sleep all night? I have and I’m telling you, if you find that one thing in your life that will make you feel like this every night, that will give you purpose ,your life will change forever.  Happiness is inside job. find your destiny, what makes you happy and stay away from things that makes you miserable. Write it down and stick to it!. First thing is loving yourself and your life. Second thing is  helping others to become bigger ,better humans. Find your passion, be kind and lift everyone around you! We all have power and impact on someone . Choose your words ,bring smile with you and give hope ,always, to everyone in the room!!!
Ready for my next goal 🐾🐾🐾
 ‘Čudno je to. Tokom godine sve je skoro identično zeleno, ali kad bi neko u jesen pokušao da naslika pejzaž široke močvare, morao bi na svojoj paleti pažljivo umutiti hiljadu i jednu nijansu žute, smeđe i crvenkaste.
Lako je dok je zeleno. Kad dođe doba da se vene, stvari se odjednom prikažu u svojim pravim bojama…’   

Fitness für Bikini Models

Fitness Bikini Models sind Models, bei denen man Muskeln deutlich erkennen kann. Dazu zählt Milica Mrdjan nicht! Trotzdem muss natürlich auch sie ordentlich Sport machen, um ihren Körper in Form zu halten.
‘You don’t have to be perfect .you have to be real! ‘💫
 Sunshine comes to all who feel the rain ...✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨


Andere Bikini Models 2020

Neben Milica Mrdjan gibt es eine vielzahl an anderen wunderschönen Bikini Models, die auch 2020 nicht mir ihren Reizen geizen. Zu den bekanntesten zählen z.B.


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