Syd Wil  Kurvig, sexy und Comedian

Syd Wilder: Kurvig, sexy und Comedian


Diese Schönheit ist nicht nur extrem heiß und mit sexy Kurven gesegnet, sondern auch noch eine erfolgreiche Comedian! Humor ist bekanntlich Geschmackssache, diese heißen Bilder gefallen allerdings jedem Mann, deswegen gibt es hier die besten Bilder von Syd Wilder.  Tag a friend who's made this face!!! 😂😂😂😂 Tennessee Luke is the man behind me and the first time I met him on set of a @badweatherfilms sketch he tried to get me to invest in his billiards business. At the beginning of his pitch while on set he said I would get 50% of the companies profits then he demoted me to 10% at the end of his 20 minute pitch in between takes. He couldn't remember my name but by the end of day he felt that he should continue to talk to me about investing in his million dollar idea. He even followed me to my car to invite me over to his house so we could play billiards. I declined with a smile. The second encounter with him he was singing to me in an office setting and I didn't ask him to sing. The only time he stopped singing was when I answered my phone to talk to  @sam92687 so I could figure out how to get on the floor he and Peter were on @studio71us so we could film the @gameofthrones parody for @badweatherfilms YT Channel. He continued to sing as soon as the call ended and wouldn't stop until Sam met us in the lobby. He did not offer up his musical talent to Sam or Peter during filming. This man is a character and a legend in




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