Valentina Lequeux  Einfach WOW!

Valentina Lequeux: Einfach WOW!


Ein Atemberaubender Körper, trainiert und in einer unglaublich guten Form. Erwähnen, was das beste ihrem Körper ist, müssen wir höchstwahrscheinlich nicht, denn das fällt uns Männern wohl sofort ins Auge. Valentina ist eine Frau, die uns auf einer andere Art und Weise begeistert und uns vor allem durch ihre „Motivation“ beeindruckt.   Time to talk about MY DIET! 📸(@jpaullphoto ) I have posted about it before but since this beautiful community is growing the new babes are asking. So here we go, first of all I need to state that this MY DIET and it’s built for ME for MY METABOLISM and for MY LEVELS of ACTIVITY and for MY GOALS. So what’s my goal? To MAINTAIN my physique. Why? I’m not a competitor. Period. I just need a body that reflects my lifestyle and what I believe in! WHAT KIND OF DIET DO I FOLLOW? A balanced and simple one! My diet is not insta pretty, mostly a lot of rice and turkey. I don’t count macros every day at all, I just set them at the beginning of a diet learn my measurements visually and I take it from there. I DONT LIKE LIVING STRESSED OUT WITH CALORIES MACROS ETC. Every meal I have has carbs and protein, my fats are moderate to low.THAT’S WHAT’S BEST FOR MY BODY. If you must know my macro split it’s the following:
Protein: 160 gr calories from protein: 640
Carbs: 300 gr calories from carbs: 1200
Fats: 60 gr  calories from fat: 540
For a grand total of: 2.380 calories
How many cheat meals do I have? MINIMUM 3 a week, preferably on leg days! DROP YOUR QUESTIONS BELOW👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

 📸 @jpaullphoto || Be yourself! And if being yourself is to be sexy it's just a matter of attitude! Confidence is where is at! Never let a bitter experience, a stupid comment, or anything negative change the perception you have of yourself! Negativity is just a reflection of how those people feel! Don't let them project it into you 👊🏻
Se vos misma! Y si vos queres ser o sentirte sexy está en ti tener la actitud para ello! Seguridad en vos misma es lo que te lleva a ser sexy! Nunca dejes que comentarios negativos, experiencias amargas o cualquier otra estupidez te cambie la percepción que vos tenes de vos misma! Las personas negativas están simplemente proyectando su miseria! No las dejes entrar 👊🏻
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Location: @miamidreamgroup
  Between all the emotions we might feel during a day from happy to down from energetic to exhausted the main emotion you need to feel is peace! You will achieve that aligning your actions with your thoughts! If you wanna live a life in bikini work your way to that, if you wanna be fitness model go ahead and work for it! If you wanna be a Wall Street CEO you already know the answer. For myself this means being a better role model and a better help for you paying attention to what I'm posting, since today I'll be sharing more on my stories from workouts to nutrition so make sure to watch them. And All I'm saying to you if you are moving into your goals and dreams focused on succeeding no noise will break you. From haters to your own mind being tired! Is the middle of the week and the last part of the year! Make it count!
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