Warum jede Frau Yoga machen sollte

Warum jede Frau Yoga machen sollte


Habt ihr das Titelbild gesehen? Noch Fragen? Na also, dann nix wie ab nach Hause und die Freundin überzeugen, endlich mit Yoga anzufangen. Yoga verlangt dem Körper eine Menge ab und bringt ihn dadurch wunderschön in Form. Außerdem ist Yoga wunderbar entspannend für Körper und Seele. So kann das Stresslevel auch zu Hause deutlich gesenkt werden.
Positiver Nebeneffekt: Der Körper bleibt bzw. wird er dadurch schön „geschmeidig“. Da fallen uns doch bestimmt auch noch andere Anwendungsgebiete ein, oder? Yoga kann nämlich auch richtig sexy aussehen, wie Amina Taha beweist. Viel Spaß! Let passion light your way.
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 oh come out, come out
to the sea
my love, and just
drown with me
drown with me.
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 Trust and surrender,
over and over again.
 For those of you in NYC!
I’m so excited to start teaching @alonewyork in Soho starting Monday, September 17th at 8 am!
You can also come practice with me starting that week Saturdays at 12:30 PM and Sundays at 12 PM.
All levels are welcome!
See you soon! 💋
 Waking up today and realizing I have way more questions than answers the more I grow.
I’ve been noticing a resistance to change and I’ve been trying to calmly observe it, and let it go.
Change means there is something new to learn, and a surrender needs to happen to allow that experience.
Watching my son grow has been teaching me so much about change. Today, I woke up to his little kicks and punches (he sleeps next to us in bed) and as soon as our eyes met, he smiled. He was making new sounds he hadn’t made yesterday and everyday he’s a little different. I realized by observing him I can learn a thing or two about letting go of stubborn beliefs, adapting to change, and being okay with having more questions every second. Maybe the more we unlearn, the more free we are to adapt and evolve, unattached and unconcerned.
 “Listen to your body.” This is something we probably hear in every yoga class, and it might sound vague or even cliché. But the meaning of it unfolds the more we spend time practicing and tuning in. Our bodies are constantly giving us feedback, whether on the mat or off of it. At first, the feedback is overwhelming. So many sensations occur on the mat and it’s a new language to try to figure out. Pain and discomfort are often intertwined as one. The more you spend time practicing, you begin to notice and invite that discomfort, as it leads to growth - and you learn to respect, avoid and obey the voice of pain.
During my recovery period, I noticed it’s less important the postures I do on the mat than that I spend time listening to feedback, observing how certain things feel, where there’s a weakness, where feels really good... and then from there use intelligent discernment to see what I need less/more of on that particular day.
I’ll be chatting to @healingcairo on their story about yoga, teacher trainings, postpartum practice and more topics soon. We will announce the exact date for the takeover. If you have a specific yoga question you’d like me to address, please feel free to DM me or @healingcairo your questions and I will video the response on their story.
 I love doing this puppy variation whenever I feel like my upper back and chest need a good stretch!
 Bonus (Video): I got a few questions on how to enter this pose and the video I had done showing the entry needs a proper search down into my feed so I thought I’d do it again.
I crossed my arms under my chin for more of a throat opening sensation - and you can play around with the legs (it’s just a pretty shape, not very important) the idea of this variation is to get the hips eventually parallel to the floor - and the sensation to the upper thoracic spine.
Then, I moved into a variation of extended puppy and climbed my feet up to press them into the wall and get my hips to 90 degrees.
Remember to breathe fully in this posture, to soften your gaze, relax the muscles in your face and there should be no pain in your lower back or neck.
This is a great prep pose for chinstand - opening up the throat and chest.
I will post a new tutorial shortly on @livingroomyogasessions ❤️
P.S. if you’re a girl - yes this is a major boob crusher 😂
 Working on my standing compass with these new wall stretches.
That standing pigeon is intense! Feels so good though, especially after pregnancy as well as living on a fourth floor walk-up. I was focusing on trying to bring my shin parallel to the wall and standing leg strong.
I love trying different variations to poses where their relationship to gravity is different.
If you try this, my tip is to focus on always keeping your collarbones wide and spine long.



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