Wiktoria Ryczko   geilste Booty Irlands

Wiktoria Ryczko: Der geilste Booty Irlands


Wir wissen genau, ihr steht wie wir auf knackige pralle Hintern. Deshalb haben wir heute einen ganz besonderen Leckerbissen für euch! Schaut euch nur einmal Wiktoria Ryczkos unfassbar geile Kurven an. Diese Frau hat ohne Frage den schärfsten Booty ganz Irlands!  Starting off the week chilling in the prettiest underwear set ever - a productive Monday to say the least ❤️😏

 Countdown is on  Let's talk abs - Seeing a little bit of ab definition (only in one mirror out of the three I have in my house) definitely made my morning so I celebrated by having a fuck ton of carbs 🙌🏼😍 I used to never train abs really because 'abs are made in the kitchen' and what not but since I've incorporated them into my routine I can notice a huge difference in my form while performing other movements such as squats & deadlifts. A strong core = good balance = a much better form whilst doing compounds = you're targeting your muscles more whilst training 🙌🏼 DON'T NEGLECT YOUR TUMMY MUSCLES! Wearing @peachessports & their new collection is launching tomorrow LOVE THIS SET 🍟  
 When it gets dark at 1pm all you have is throwbacks for the gram 🤗💕 hope everyone had an amazing Christmas & spent time with their families / friends - So incredibly grateful for everything that happened this year & I cannot wait for all the things I have planned for 2018 🌟 Going back to drinking way too much wine & eating too many mince pies before I hit the gym tomorrow🎄 That boss ass feeling when your underwear matches before a long day 🍋 One week into my cut (minus the bottles of wine the other night) & already feeling so much better woooo go me 💗 Obsessed over this new set from @loungeunderwear released today in lemon & lilacy purple colour (I’m good at describing things) 🙌🏼  
  My cut is jetting off on a small little holiday from Friday-Monday and I'm really excited to do a mini 4 day bulk consisting of alllll da foods and all da gin & tonics , hopefully it won't do too match damage and I can get back to my lean(er) self in no time🤗🙌🏼 IS IT SUMMER TIME YET :(  Bit of a positive vibe today - Woke up feeling so good as I've so many things to be grateful for and I'm surrounded by the best people ever 😊💪🏻 Lately I found myself focusing on all the wrong/irrelevant things. It's so easy to get caught up in negative thoughts but I always tell myself; if it won't matter in 6 months time, then it shouldn't matter now either 🙌🏼 Changing your focus & your outlook on life seems hard but in reality it isn't. I'm such a huge believer in the law of attraction - Think positive and you will bring positive experiences into your life; think negative and negative things will follow🙌🏼 There is nothing you cannot do, or cannot have. There are no limitations in the world and the only thing that stops you from doing your best and living your dream life is YOURSELF. If you want something, work for it. Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny. -
Yes, the photo has absolutely nothing to do with my mantra.
 Spending my last day chilling by the pool and walking around lovely beaches 🌴
.Also the support on my last post was INSANE and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out so much positivity 🤗 I'm still in shock 👌🏼🍩  HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE ❤️ Sundays are for chill days & lying around watching Netflix and avoiding all of your assignments 🌸 Love this set from @pursuefitness for lounging around ❤️ I love a good leg session & the fact I get to have a whole bowl of coco pops right after makes me so much more motivated to kill it in the gym 🍩🙌🏼 All life decisions are driven by food in my case, no regrets!!!!! Included my booty/hamstring workout from the other day, swipe ➡️ & I hope you enjoy it cause it is quite intense - I need to stop torturing myself but it's so much fun 😫👏🏼 now off to do some more college work & binge watch gossip girl all over again. Let me know if you try the workout 🍔 full outfit is @gymshark @gymsharkwomen of course
 Just a little  smiley as always 🤔☺️ hope everyone is having a great Monday - one of my New Years resolutions was to always start my week on a positive note & make my Monday the most productive day of the week so here's a picture of my massive grin 🙌🏼 wearing @gymsharkwomen @gymshark energy seamless ❤️🦈  Bonus (Video): https://www.instagram.com/wiktoriaryczko/



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