WM-Babes  So heiß sind  Girls aus Belgien

WM-Babes: So heiß sind die Girls aus Belgien


In Gruppe G steigt heute das Duell um den Gruppensieg. Belgien und England haben die ersten beiden Spiele gewonnen und sind somit durch. Es geht aber dennoch um eine gute Ausgangslage fürs Achtelfinale. Im Rücken von Belgien: Das heiße IFBB Model Savannah Prez, da sollte doch einiges gehen. Um 20:00 startet das Spiel Belgien vs. England.  Super happy to tell you mon amis francais I’ll be in Paris at Salon du bodyfitness this weekend with my @bodyengineersofficial team! 😍🇫🇷 Who of you am I gonna meet there? If you can’t come this weekend, no worries we still got Fibo in Germany next month! Looking forward to meet all of you💪🏼💗✨

 It’s good to take a day off from time to time. Being all day busy running your business, training, other work etc does take a lot of energy and that’s why we need to recharge our batteries at the right moment. As the weather was amazing today we went to the beach, enjoyed some pancakes & a milkshake and my boo @daviddespeghel did a mini photoshoot with me.🌴☀️😍  Let’s continue the bikini spam tralalalala 😁👙  Picture perfect vs. Real Sav lol 🤪🍍🍉
 Oh no I weigh 3 kilos more...😶 pfff I hate my body, I’ll always stay fat!!!!😫🤬 [READ & TAG A FRIEND WHO SHOULD READ THIS]
It’s sad how many girls are struggling with all those pointless numbers on the scale because of that motivation gets lost & their selfconfidence aswell.. If there’s one big lesson I’ve learned through my fitness journey, if I may say it like this “not giving any fuck anymore about the scale numbers” because literally, it just breaks you mentally. And then the question is why? Why would you feel bad about that number? It doesn’t say anything about your beauty. If you walk down the streets, no person ever would look at you and think “oh man she looks like she weighs 87kg”. It’s just a number it’s not written on your body it just lives in your own mind. So please take a look in the mirror, if you’re happy with what you see that’s all what matters. ♥️🌸 BE THICK & LOVE YOUR BODY 🙏🏼✨  Who’s that woman? 👀🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m Savannah Prez, Belgian origine and 21 years old. When I was younger I always dreamed of being a model, but never thought I would ever have the chance to call myself one. I was always searching online for model agencys and subscribed myself anyhow to maybe get a chance one day. (At that moment I even got already the “never give up” mentality lolz) 😂 But in the end it turned out nothing unfortunately. I feel so blessed I found my passion a few years ago, fitness, which turned out really fast a big part of my job, which I truly love with all my heart. 🙏🏼😍 Now, I may call myself a fitnessmodel, a childdream that comes true how awesome is that? ♥️ So my message with this to all of you is; Follow your own passion, not your parents, not your friends, not your teachers, but yours. 🌎  Today was like the most unproductive day in ages, literally just went out to do groceries shopping.
 Flower power 🌺| Find inner peace by realizing who you are at your deepest level with no one around, just the silence and you.🌟 Had a super fun day of shooting at the beach with @dries_verhelst. Can’t wait to show you more of this collection it’s amazing!!😍 Enjoy your weekend lovies!  Me 99% of the times when someone asks “can you act serious for once pls” bruh you kiddin’ me? A little joke a day keeps the lemons in life away! 😂 or not?🤨🍋  Sunday chills in this lil cute lace pyjamas @fashionnova 😍♥️



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