89er Batmobil  LEGO makes dreams come true

89er Batmobil: LEGO makes dreams come true

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Over 3,300 parts, weighing three kilos and 60 centimetres long: Just in time for Christmas, Lego is launching a building block version of the ’89 Batmobile. And it pays damn well.So much for the beginning: The huge model is hardly designed as a toy for the youngest offspring. Officially, the huge model is not sold as an adult set for nothing – and is probably more for the showcase than the play carpet. A small teaser in the style of the Lego movies (look at the end of the article!) the Danes did not let themselves be taken away.

Single piece, year of construction ’89

The Batmobil made its big entrance in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film. Black as night and yet anything but inconspicuous, BatmanMichael Keaton cleared the way to hunt down Jack Nicholson in the role of Joker.Like the car from the film, the version made of building blocks with extendable machine guns also comes along. If you turn the turbine at the rear, the Lego-MGs come out of the record-breakingly long bonnet and fling the covers to the side.The Danes are also proud of the sliding windscreen that runs around the cockpit. Not surprisingly, this is a part that can only be seen on this Lego model so far.

More collector’s item than toy

That the LEGO Batmobile is intended for the display case, but not only the price shows. To the delight of all collectors, the set comes with a matching turntable on which Batman’s mobile stand can be proudly presented.And speaking of price: You can put a full €250 on the table to purchase item number 76139. Generous as the Danes are, there are three minifigures included in the set:Alongside Batman and the Joker, the reporter Vicki Vale ends up in the box as a miniature edition. All three figures are not only designed exclusively for the set, but also stand on a small base.

That’s a bargain!

But joking aside: The ’89 Batmobile is not meant to be a toy, but the proudest piece in the collection of real Lego and Batman fans. Even if the functioning steering and the extendable MGs speak a different language: the Danes‘ latest set belongs in a display case, not a playroom.Anyway, the greatest joy of Lego is the assembly – if you feel like doing it on the holidays under the influence of some mulled wine, you should hurry up. Because if you order in time, you should still be able to lay the Lego Batmobile under the tree on time.

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