Romantic food can be full of eroticism

Romantic food can be full of eroticism


The two terms food and eroticism are more connected than you might imagine.Since ancient times, the rushing festivals have been initiated with an erotic meal. You can also benefit from this knowledge and have a lot of fun on your next date right after the meal.

Romantic food shouldn’t be enough

Have you planned a romantic meal with your partner? If so, you should know a lot about it in advance. Let’s start with the most important thing. A romantic meal does not have the purpose and purpose of smashing your stomach and getting really fed up from the table. Rather, a romantic meal should make you want more.So don’t get me wrong, because with a desire for more I didn’t mean to have a second or third dessert in the form of pudding, ice cream or the like. Rather, it should stimulate your companion’s appetite, and it should stimulate your appetite.

Romantic food

Love goes through the stomach

You’ve certainly heard the adage „Love goes through the stomach.“ And this is not just a linguistic phrase, but there is a lot of truth in it. Many foods we know have an aphrodisiac effect and increase the desire for love. At the top of the list of these foods are, for example, oysters and scallops.Both have a very high zinc content and this gives you more stamina. Basically, mussels or fish should not be missing during a romantic meal. Love goes through the stomach and you also owe it to the spices, which must not be missing at a romantic dinner.Besides us, for example, chilli. Chili is not only spicy, but also makes sharp when you understand what I mean. 😉 With chilli and ginger, the blood circulation in certain places is really boosted both with you and your partner.

Conquer them with a hint of vanilla

In women, the desired effect is also achieved by vanilla. Vanilla and cinnamon enchant the women with their sweet fragrance and stimulate the production of pheromone, which plays an important role in the love lust in women.So be sure to order her a dessert, which contains vanilla, cinnamon and possibly cocoa. Also spices with essential oils, which include nutmeg, should not be missing during romantic food.Yes and you should of course also pay attention to the drinks. A glass of wine can loosen up, but a whole bottle makes you tired. Rather take champagne, because it doesn’t just cause a tingling sensation in her stomach. With these tricks you can create a romantic meal full of eroticism.

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