Adventure holiday in the Australian Outback

Away from the big cities and the normal civilization? Australia offers such a great outback without end.

From tropical rainforest to the dry semi-desert: In Australia you experience the most diverse climatic zones embedded in endless vastness. That just screams for a roadtrip, doesn’t it? A adventure of the extra class!

tips and tricks for the human void

  • Your visa for Australia must be applied for in good time.
  • enough water in case you break down. With 5 liters per person you are safe.
  • You can’t fill up too much. Whenever you see a gas station, play it safe and fill up your car. You never know how far away the next one is – and especially when you get there.
  • Twilight and darkness are taboo. If you drive on then, it becomes dangerous! Why? Kangaroos, oxen, horses and camels wake up and accidents can happen very quickly.
  • South: underground.

    The Blue Mountains in the south of Australia lie in picturesque landscape. There are also countless rock paintings and handprints of Aborigines to marvel at. The seven national parks in the south are unique. Why? Because they are part of the world natural heritage because of their rare eucalyptus trees. A highlight is Coober Pedy. What’s so great about it? Nearly all of the 1,700 inhabitants live underground!

    Red Centre – the holy Ayers Rock awaits.

    In the middle of Australia the Red Centre is waiting for you. It belongs to the Nothern Territory and has a size of no less than one million square kilometres – almost five times the size of Germany! The parallel sand dunes are typical. In the middle of the semi-desert lies Alice Springs. The city has 25.000 inhabitants and therefore does not belong to the outback – much too civilized. But it is a good starting point for tourists and you will also find a few hotels and shops. From here you can visit the world famous Ayers Rock. The huge red rock is in the area of the Anang Aborigines and they are now also responsible for guided tours and hikes. Hot tip: The magnificent play of colours at sunset. An experience!

    Queensland: Sun, beach and tropics

    In the east there is the ultimate combination: beach holidays and rainforest adventures in one and the same place. Chill on the beach in Queensland in the morning and in the afternoon experience jungle safaris in the tropical rainforests and admire bizarre mountains. There is no second time like this!

    Nambung National Park: Pinnacles from nowhere

    North of Perth you will drive directly towards Nambung National Park. At first you will see masses of green bushes and suddenly, as if out of the blue, limestone columns up to four meters high rise from the ground. The world-famous Pinnacles invite you to a hike through the golden yellow surroundings. Madness!

    Australia’s outback offers everything your heart desires

    As you can see, the outback in Australia is really unbeatable. You can find all kinds of things here and no matter how much time you calculate, it will be too short. Overwhelming? Just let yourself be surprised by nature and its wonders.


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