Bisimoto 935 K3V: Electric power for Porsche’s racing classics

Do you remember the Porsche 912, which thanks to the Tesla engine was able to destroy a set of tyres in record time? It will have strong competition – because at the last SEMA a 935 with no less than 636 electric horsepower suddenly appeared. And it is finally being released onto the American streets.

But as inconspicuous as its sound is, as loud is its design: The 935, which was saved from rusting, attracts all eyes even in the midst of the stimulus satiation at the SEMA. Of course we have embedded the appropriate video for you at the end of the article.

An electric motor for the „widow maker

The basis of the project from Bisimotois a Porsche 935, which was actually doomed to rust. At the end of the 70s, Porsche was extremely successful with the racing cars – no wonder with an empty weight of around one tonne and up to 840 hp.

Basis was the Porsche 930, which was not called „widow maker“ for nothing: No electronic helpers, but a huge turbo hole followed by a brutal kick in the back as soon as sufficient exhaust fumes flooded the turbochargers.

Bisimoto’s 935 conversion also promises such a kick – but independent of the engine speed. Blessings of modern electrical engineering, which will surely teach you just as much to fear in the passenger seat.

But what about performance?

Compared to the original Porsche 935 race car with a 3.2 litre boxer in the rear, the data sheet of the Bisimoto K3V sounds really tame:

  • With a good 1,200 kilos, the Porsche has become somewhat heavier
  • with 636 hp but at the same time somewhat weaker.

But it doesn’t promise less fun – just watch the video at the end to see how fast the 60 is on the speedometer during acceleration. And then realize that we’re talking about miles.

Unfortunately, there are currently no official figures on acceleration values, top speed or range. But instead a lot of input on the small details that make the 935 K3V so special.

Tokyo drift outside, race car inside

A pleasant surprise when looking into the cockpit: Bisimoto’s creation has nothing at all to do with a hobby shop – unfortunately this is anything but a matter of course with electrical conversions. Nevertheless there is of course the necessary portion of racing car feeling:

A complete roll cage, bucket seats with six-point seat belts and the gearshift lever of a sequential gearbox make the 935 look like a drift skidder from the inside. However, switching is only done between forward and reverse gear, because the electric motor turns up to a healthy 18,000 revolutions.

Apart from that, everything works as usual for Porsche: Put the original key in the ignition on the left, engage gear, have fun. Despite the digital display, the rev counter remains in the middle of the instrument panel.

A SEMA project for the road

Auch sonst funktioniert alles am umgebauten Porsche. Von den sonderangefertigen Scheinwerfern mit Tagfahrlicht über die Rückfahrlichter bis hin zur Hupe: Jeder Hebel und Knopf im Cockpit funktioniert wie bei jedem anderen Auto auch. Not a matter of course for a SEMA project.

How well the design works, you have to decide for yourself. In any case, the K3V is anything but inconspicuous – as well as in bright pink and with turbofans on Brixton Forged Wheels‘ custom-made aluminium wheels.

And the best thing is: The unique Bisimoto item is allowed to drive on the road exactly as it rolled out of the SEMA halls. I wonder what a German TÜV inspector would say to that?

Electric is boring? Nothing of the sort!

The conversion of the 935 was by far not the first project of the Bisimoto team. From the Porsche Boxster with its seat in the middle of the cockpit to the minivan with more than 1,000 hp: Bisimotohas long made a name for itself on the Internet.

Jetzt treten also auch die Kalifornier den Beweis an, dass Elektromobilität alles sein muss, aber nicht langweilig. And this in the usual brutal manner – in contrast, the electrified Porsche 912 suddenly looks almost boring. If you can still see him in the middle of the tyre smoke.


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