Blackberry KeyONE surprises everyone

Most are fanatical on Apple or Samsung devices and it’s great to see Blackberry launch the Blackberry KeyONE smartphone.

The Blackberry KeyONE has a large number of features that are usually expected of the tech giants, and for those who choose to say goodbye to Apple or Samsung devices, this could be the perfect way. Impressively designed and undeniably slim, this great-looking smartphone from Blackberry fascinated us.

Significantly different design

Blackberry seems to have thought about the comments about previous iterations of its smartphones and turned them into the eye-catching design of the KeyONE device. This includes an impressively large screen, a great camera capable of taking spectacular pictures and videos, and not least the latest Android ™ operating system that allows access to Google Play services or Store so you can use the latest apps.

The camera’s 12MP resolution, 4.5″ touchscreen and 2TB Micro SD card impress the user to the extreme. In addition, it is a powerfully robust device. Made from a strong aluminum frame with a soft, textured back, the understated nature of aesthetics is certainly appealing, and for those who long for the Blackberry that dominated the niche of the smartphone game, it could be the device that does justice to that again.

The keyboard, which was a mainstay of BlackBerry phones, remains, yet there has been an overhaul that will bring it up to date technologically. It is even described as the world’s most advanced keyboard for a smartphone to date.

With intuitive keyboard shortcuts, flick typing and touch navigation, it’s clear to see this keyboard is made from the user’s point of view and makes the smartphone more functional than any BlackBerry before it.

Powerful technology

With the latest Android OS 7.1.1 Nougat update, the Blackberry KeyONE smartphone impresses with some eye-catching specifications that promise a powerful 3505 mAh battery and power management tools like Boost for faster charging. It is the most secure Android smartphone, protected by Blackberry security software.

Even though we are big Apple and Samsung fans, the new Blackberry has given our attention.

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