Does a platonic relationship work? Can you really do that?

She wants you to be friends. You’re wondering: Does a platonic relationship even work?

Especially when a relationship has ended, there is usually a wish from a partner that we should remain friends. Let’s have a platonic relationship.

But what is a platonic relationship anyway?

The word PLANTONIC is derived from the term Plato. This word was discovered in the Renaissance and at that time carried the meaning of belonging to the philosophy of Plato. A platonic relationship is a mental and spiritual bond. The sensual aspect – as in a partnership – does not come into play here. The mutual interest is focused on a buddy relationship, not a couple relationship.

Platonic relationships are rare!

Why is that, you might ask yourself now? Just when a relationship has come to an end, a spark of hope still germinates in the partner who continues to strive for this form of relationship.

As soon as one partner feels more, a platonic relationship does not work and the wish – Let us remain joy – will unfortunately remain a wish.

Leading a platonic relationship often works much better at an advanced age than at a young age. Because in young years sexual attraction has a very high value. However, this importance is diminishing over the years and many people want a partner with whom they can talk about everything. They want a soul mate who knows what your emotional life is like.

Does a platonic relationship really work?

This is quite possible, but you must be prepared to enter into this kind of relationship. You must be able to do without affection. The deep background of such a relationship must be above all. And it must be good for you to be with the person with whom you are in a platonic relationship or aspire to be in a platonic relationship.

If a couple is attracted to each other, the likelihood that a plantonic relationship can work decreases. Because as soon as there is an attraction, the desire for more is immediate.

Even if feelings are involved, it is difficult to hold on to such a relationship model. After all, feelings want to be reciprocated, but unfortunately this does not work in a platonic relationship.

Not everyone is equally suited for a platonic relationship

Before I started writing this article, I did some research on what people think about it and whether it makes sense for them to enter into this kind of relationship. My result from the many different answers was, the many different characters can imagine to enter such a relationship model, but for that a „sandbox love“ is probably best suited.

Because many people made it clear that nobody knows me as well as my childhood friend. After many years, you will be able to talk and laugh heartily with this one, without any big feelings that want to be satisfied. No – it is a light-hearted togetherness that revives old times and allows us to look forward to a good future. This does not even have to focus on the in-depth conversation. It is the bond that exists from childhood on. This is a good foundation on which to build a planktonic relationshipand be a friend.

Is a platonic relationship the right relationship form for you?

You have to decide that for yourself. You have to know whether you can simply do without caresses of any kind. You must decide for yourself if you never want to leave the friendship zone you are in. Especially men at a young age find it difficult to give up sex in a relationship. Only in the course of the years will you realize that an intensive connection to a person can be worth much more than sex and the exchange of caresses.

Everyone knows the song text by Klaus Lage, which says: „A thousand times touched, a thousand times nothing happened. A thousand and one nights and it went „Zoom“. That this „zoom“ often hits many of us unexpectedly, that is certainty.


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