Essential: How the regeneration of the muscles works

Recovery after training is as important as the training itself. For each fitness goal, here is a list of the best ways to ensure that your body can regenerate properly.

Without a plan – hardly any success

Feel your muscles after the training session? Congratulations, so far you have accelerated well to give your body the right impulses for muscle growth. Did you overdo it? Then the sore muscles will remind you over the next few days to lift a little less weight next time.

Some people swear by the so-called overtraining when it comes to strength training – but in this case they start from the big mass, whose goal is not the 75 biceps. A 72 hour break between training sessions is highly recommended. It is important that you can already train every day, but ideally not the same muscle groups.

So day one chest and legs. Day 2 arms and stomach. Day 3 Back and shoulders. And then all over again. That would be according to the rules of the game above.

Hydration – you must drink

Being well hydrated is crucial for the recovery process. If you train well, you usually sweat as well. This means that you will get rid of more water than if you do not move. This point is often underestimated, so here is the info with the crowbar. Make sure that you drink enough during and after training. Always have a bottle of water with you!

Sleep – the Ying and Yang of training

Sleep is essential. The resting phase in which the body regenerates best. The general rule is 8 hours sleep per night. This is of course the average. Some get along better with 7.5 hours – others can sleep 9 hours.

It also depends on the quality of sleep. Therefore: lights off, blinds down, mobile phone off and on silent. Then nothing stands in the way of beauty sleep.

Food supplements

A healthy diet with the right nutrients helps your body to recover quickly. In addition, this gives your body the best chance to reduce the muscle pain. There are a number of additions that can help you.

Protein-Shakes“ sind weit verbreitet und bekannt als eine gute Möglichkeit, den Körper nach dem Training mit wichtigen Nährstoffen zu versorgen. This is the best way to repair your muscles and give them the right building blocks for building. Here too, always drink plenty of water in addition. It is best to take the shake within 30 minutes after training.


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