How the electric Volkswagen Bulli drives itself

The old van feeling is back! The concept van with the code name I.D Buzz is the next generation of the world-famous VW van and will be electric and autonomous.

VW had presented the concept van in Detroit in January and since then the company has received a lot of positive criticism. The new Bulli is scheduled to hit the road in 2022. Especially after the diesel scandal, the car is an important pillar of VW’s electric offensive and is intended to polish up its tarnished image – at least in the USA.

The e-bulli looks really fat:

600 km range

The concept van travels up to 600 km. To avoid miserably long waiting times, a 150 kW charger ensures short pit stops. After 30 minutes the Li-Ion batteries are already 80% charged.

Interior design

Since the entire drive technology disappears in the car floor, 8 passengers can sit very comfortably inside. You can store 200 litres of luggage in the front and load between 660 and 4600 litres in the back. Which we think is super cool: Once the electronics take over, the driver doesn’t even have to hold the wheel. Instead, the driver can turn his seat 180 degrees and talk to his passengers in the back seats in a completely relaxed manner. The cockpit is similar to the new Tesla Model 3, but without buttons. It consists only of a steering wheel, the head-up display enriched with augmented reality and a portable tablet. Portable means that, unlike the Tesla 3, you can take the tablet outside after the ride.

The other positive news is that VW wants to become the world market leader in electromobility and have more than 30 pure electric cars on offer by 2025.


Images Source: Volkswagen


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