Jason Statham new movie: He plays with a monster shark

The British action hero dives in 2018 and takes on a monstrous twenty metre tall shark.

Warner Bros. Entertainment was able to engage the charismatic Brit (Crank, Transporter etc.) for the gigantic cinema spectacle „Meg„. With a budget of 150 million dollars, the fishy film is already one of the most expensive shark movies of all time.

Statham embodies the character of Jonas Taylor, captain of the navy and rescue diver. Before he mutates into a hero with full six-pack commitment, clever ideas and loose sayings, a few low blows must first be mastered. A rescue mission ends in disaster. Result: Career gone Wife down.

Jonas Taylor has no idea that a monster shark is not entirely innocent of this disaster.

A few years later he is called up for a task force. A submarine has run aground in the ocean and is attacked by an ominous fish. However, it should not or cannot have existed for a million years. And what a coincidence: his ex-wife happens to be trapped on the submarine. And another coincidence: the prehistoric monster happens to be an old friend. Better known to nerds as Carcharodon Megalodon.

Successful producer Jon Turteltaub (e.g. Cool Runnings, Last Vegas) shot in New Zealand and describes „Meg“ as a mix of „Jurassic Park“ and „Jaws“. Other actors include Ruby Rose (Orange Is The New Black, xXx) and Masi Oka, known as the likeable and courageous fighter named Hiro in „Heroes“.

There is already speculation about a continuation. It wouldn’t be so utopian. Apparently, sharks have a fascinating bite power… attraction. At least that’s what prominent forerunners prove and show that the biting Nemo is a real goldfish or rather a guarantee for success and makes the box office ring.

„Jaws“ made it to 4 movies in total and even the somewhat trashy „Sharknado“ impresses with already 5! Masterpieces.


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