Nutritional tip: Exceptionally short-chain carbohydrates

Short chain carbohydrates – are they a blessing or a curse? The longer the better. So you can remember that long chain carbohydrates are healthier and better for your body. But there are also moments when the short version may be taken.

Competitions or free time

For your fitness mission, regular training and consistently correct nutrition play a decisive role. Through training, the metabolism learns to make the necessary power available effectively and quickly. This also has a lot to do with how many and which carbohydrates you consume in your everyday life.

Today we tick off another essential building block of life: Carbohydrates. Why carbohydrates are very much about timing and what you should always pay attention to in the jungle of nutritional trends, you can read now.

Short chain carbohydrates – the effect

First of all you have to know that your body stores carbohydrates in the same way as proteins do. This means that no matter whether you consume pizza, cola or organic wholemeal bread – your body turns it into a uniform mash, the so-called glycogen. It stores different types of carbohydrates (for the experts among you: single sugar, double sugar and multiple sugar) in uniform sugar packets.

He later disassembles these again in order to have enough fuel during everyday life, but also for sports. He then uses the simplest variant – glucose. But then why is everyone talking about whole wheat bread and quinoa?

Glucose is bad, isn’t it?

Terms like „long-chain carbohydrates“ or „glycemic index“ are often thrown around like crazy and stand for lifestyle, mukkis and whatever else I know. Don’t let it bother you. There are no good bad carbohydrates. There’s just bad timing.

short-chain carbohydrates

This probably sounds unfamiliar at first. This probably sounds unfamiliar at first. Small crumbs are much easier for the body to pack and store than large ones. But: Your body has no idea when the next carbohydrate snippet is coming along. But: Your body has no idea when the next carbohydrate snippet is coming along.

Short chain carbohydrates – knowing when

If you are now sitting in the office and your body is digesting tiny monosaccharides – that is this simple sugar – it is bad timing. Your body installs everything it has NOW immediately somewhere. Very much simplified either in the „active“ energy metabolism, or the „passive“ fat metabolism. There’s the fat part buried.

Because your body stops eating fat immediately and even builds up new fat when it has a carbohydrate surplus. For the physicists among us – this is the law of conservation of energy. Therefore you have to make sure that the complexity of your carbohydrates is roughly adapted to your energy needs but also to the energy rhythm of your everyday life. If you climb walls like Spiderman, you can connect to a cola drip (a lot of simple sugars). You’ll need non-stop carbs.

But if you lie around all day, you should rather eat a small handful of peanuts every 45 minutes. These contain complex carbohydrates and thus prevent the belly from getting bigger. Also works when you’re sitting at the bar, by the way. Most of the time there are peanuts or similar to feed. If your girlfriend suddenly calls and tells you about the water pipe burst at home, order something with lots of simple sugar. When sprinting home you will consume many short-chain carbohydrates.


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