Solar balcony power plant: Generate electricity yourself and save money

You should not deny a solar balcony power plant in honor. You generate your own energy, reduce your electricity costs and participate in climate protection.

Here you can read about the advantages and disadvantages of a solar system on the balcony.

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Balcony power plants in Germany

Balcony power plants are solar modules that feed electricity generated from solar energy into your household via a normal Schuko socket. In 2018, the average electricity consumption of a household amounted to around 1,770 kilowatt hours.

Every citizen is now allowed to install a solar module on the balcony and thus annoy the electricity suppliers. The energy companies are extremely critical of small photovoltaic systems because they lose revenue.

The energy turnaround is accelerated with every active solar-powered balcony system, more strongly motivating politics and business to finally act. The system itself consists of the solar module, inverter and an earthed plug so that it can be connected to a normal socket.

What needs to be considered?

In Germany, special rules apply to balcony power plants: the output of the solar system may not exceed 600 watts and corresponds to four modules of 150 watts each or two modules of 300 watts each.

No electrician is required for the installation of such a solar power plant. However, it is mandatory to inform the grid operator about the installation. In the best case no new electricity meter with backstop is required.

Plus and minus balcony power plant

The plus points of a balcony power plant lie in the electricity savings, as the solar energy is fed into the domestic power grid of the apartment or house. At the moment the electricity prices are really no pleasure for your wallet.

After a few years, the acquisition costs have amortized, in addition to a reduction of the personal CO2 footprint.

The biggest minus point is that if you are not in your home during the day, you will not be able to consume the electricity generated by your solar power plant. In this case, only a few power consumers are active, resulting in the solar power being fed into the grid.

The high acquisition costs of 250 to 1500 euros can be a hurdle. But the investment pays off in the long run for your budget and wallet. One or two solar modules with a maximum of 300 Watt each are recommended for beginners.

The own electricity consumption is covered by a balcony power plant and is worthwhile especially in the warm season. The blazing sun provides for proper energy, pleases your account and personal climate balance.

Does a balcony power plant pay off?


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