Streaming services: Disney+ suffers from torrents and The Witcher on Netflix is praised

Just look at the shares of Netflix, Apple and Disney. In the long term, they are booming and it looks like we haven’t reached the top yet. This reflects the reality of the stock trend: Netflix is slowly gaining competition in the form of Disney+ and Apple TV+.

The new streaming services are splashing out on equally good exclusive titles and fight prices, but they have strange problems.

How much does TV streaming cost?

  • Disney+ – 6.99 Euros
  • Netflix – from 7.99 euros
  • Apple TV+ – 4.99 Euros

Star Wars Addiction and File Sharing

Disney+ only got off to a good start on November 12th in the US, Canada and the Netherlands – and really well. Already 24 million subscribers enjoy the exclusive title from the Star Wars universe “ TheMandalorian„. Disney+ will not come to Europe, at least to Germany, until March 2020.

Therefore, quite imaginative users have used VPN connection to get to the coveted series. In principle, it is possible to be in one of the supported countries to access Disney+. The only question is how long the company will tolerate. Because there is also a great demand for „The Mandalorian“ on torrent trackers.

The Witcher should be very good

The long and highly discussed series„The Witcher“ will be published on December 20, 2019. If you’re a fan of the Geralt saga, you could already focus on the appropriate quality of the film adaptation of the fantasy series of the same name. Netflix has shown the first episodes of the series exclusively to some journalists and celebrities. They are mostly enthusiastic.

To this day, there is a dispute about what happened to the cast of roles: isn’t Henry Cavill far too pretty for such a brutal protagonist as Geralt von Riva? Despite all this, Netflix announced the sequel early enough in its second season. And some are calling for it to be even crasser than „Game of Thrones.“

Apple TV+ eschews big premiere

Can Apple TV+ compete in such fierce competition? If you’re still a student, you can still take advantage of Apple Music’s generous offer: 5 euros a month to stream music and exclusive movies and series. Otherwise, Apple TV+ costs only 4.99 per month. A quite successful and worth seeing series is among others „See“ with Jason Momoa, which I can recommend to you.

Unfortunately, Apple also has some complications with the launch of some titles. The start of the in-house production „The Banker“ was cancelled for the time being. The reason is a lawsuit against Bernard Garrett Jr., who helped promote the film. Although „The Banker“ was supposed to be a promising title for Apple’s streaming service, its future is unknown for the time being. Perhaps it would help the Californian company to forgo movies with the slogan „Based on a true story“?

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