The best bodyweight exercises on holiday – Part 3

In the last part of our series >>The best bodyweight exercises for fitness on holiday<< we explain an exercise to strengthen your abdominal muscles. We also introduce an effective bodyweight exercise for the legs and the bottom. The women at the pool won’t be able to get enough of your muscles. You can find the first part of the series here. And here is part 2.

Bodyweight exercises for the stomach – ‚the climber‘ calls

Even if you are not on holiday in the mountains – ‚the mountaineer‘ helps you to get your stomach muscles in shape. The glacier, my ass, the girls will melt!

It is a combination of push-up and alternating jump. Your chest muscles and triceps have to do the static holding work. Meanwhile, your legs and buttocks serve as the executive organ. And your abdominal muscles as well as your lower back muscles provide the necessary stability during the jumps. Due to the complexity of the exercises, the ‚climber‘ not only trains your straight abdominal muscle, but also the other muscles mentioned.

  • Take up the push-up position and tense the entire body.
  • Your hands are on the floor during the entire exercise.
  • Bend your right leg to place your right foot on the floor at hip level.
  • Stretch the right leg dynamically back to the starting position and at the same time bend the other leg as described above.
  • Run as many repetitions as you can.

Form your bottom and legs – with this bodyweight exercise!

What woman can resist a tight ass?! If you perform squads (also: squats), you can be sure of the looks of the beach beauties. This bodyweight exercise not only gets your bottom in shape, but also your leg muscles.

  • Take up a shoulder-wide position. The toes point forward, the body weight is distributed on the feet. The back is straight.
  • Lower your buttocks so far back and down that your thighs are level with the floor. Your lower legs stay vertical. Your back remains straight and your upper body automatically tilts slightly forward.
  • Slowlystraighten up again in the reverse order. At the end of the movement you must not stretch your legs completely.

Very important for your health: your toes are in front of your knees the whole time! In other words, make sure that your knees do not extend beyond the tips of your feet.


Turn the beach into a fitness center!

With our series about bodyweight exercises we don’t want to say that you can’t „give up training“ while on vacation. Much more we want to help you to calm your conscience, if you cannot stand it without training. The presented bodyweight exercises are an ideal way to keep you fit while travelling. They are a lot of fun and a welcome change from everyday training. Therefore they are also suitable as an alternative to the gym. We wish you a nice holiday – with our bodyweight exercises!


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